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Payment Policy


All Services:

  • We accept payments via Cash/Linx/Credit Card/Cheques

  • For queries regarding outstanding fees, please visit or call the Billing Clerk at (868) 652-4958 EXT # 9428 or email


In-Patient Care

  • A 50% deposit of the approximate cost is required on Admission.

  • Outstanding payments are to be paid before discharge.

  • Clients covered by a company are required to present all necessary documents on Admission


Guardian Life Claims

The following documentation is required for Guarian Life claims:

  1. Precet form required for CT services of $500.00 TTD and over

Claim forms for:

Guardian Life - 80%, patient pays 20%

Medicard - 5%. patient pays 95%

TTRP - 10%, patient pays 90%

Unimed with Card - 5%, patient pays 95%

Med Access - Discount amount will be reflected on patient's card (claim form to be completed)

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