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Patient Guide

Please take the time to read the following guidelines to familiarize yourself with what to expect here at Surgi-Med.  Our staff will do its very best to ensure your safety and comfort during your stay with us.



To begin your stay with us, make your way to the nurses’ station located on the 2nd Floor of the building which is easily accessible via the elevator or stairs right beyond the main entrance on Penitence Street. If you are in need of assistance, one of our staff will attend to you.  After checking in at the nurses’ station and making your deposit, you will be shown your room where you are free to make yourself comfortable. If you need additional assistance or information, please ask our staff.


- Please note that Surgi-Med Clinic requires a 50% deposit of the approximate cost of the procedure on Admission.

- Also note, internet access is not a service provided to Patients.

Each room contains:

  • Bed

  • Bathroom and sink

  • Wardrobe

  • Television with cable

  • Call buzzer to Nurses' Station


What you should bring:

  • Personal toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc.

  • Clothing – sleepwear, dressing gown, slippers, clothes for discharge

  • Light entertainment – book, magazine, etc.

  • Medication – if you are currently taking any medication, please label, bring, and inform appropriately

  • Relevant documents – insurance papers, prescriptions, X-rays, reports, and any other paperwork that is associated with your personal health or upcoming procedure.

What you should not bring:

  • Large amounts of cash

  • Valuable jewelry

  • Illegal substances and weaponry

During your stay

While with us, you will be provided with meals that are tailored to your individual dietary needs.  Our staff will provide you with all the necessary bedding and linen you may require, and will assist you with any tasks that you may require help with. Your comfort and care are most important to us both pre and post operation. 


Post-Op vitals are monitored every 30 minutes by our nurses. Any abnormalities are reported to the doctor immediately.



Before you leave, you are kindly asked to complete all payments unless other arrangements have been made. If you are being covered under a company’s health care plan, please be advised that all documentation of employment and insurance must be presented beforehand.

Patients are also asked to ensure that all personal belongings are removed from the room else they will be discarded. Please refrain from removing Surgi-Med property from the room.

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