Welcome to our new doctors!

02/05/2018 12:23

Exciting things are happening at The Surgi-med Clinic this month (May 2018)! 


In addition to our newly available 120W HOLMIUM Laser for Bloodless Prostate Surgery and Kidney Dusting, we will also like to extend a warm welcome to our two newest specialists here at the clinic.


Welcome to

Dr. Keshav Gyan (Oncology) - Dr. Gyan's services include cancer screening and prevention, delivery of anti-neoplastic medications, and the provision of a palliative care service to the terminally ill. He is available for on-call acute in-patient admissions, and referrals related to an oncological diagnosis, oncological emergencies or treatment complications. 


Dr. Parasram Ramraj (General Surgery) - Dr. Ramraj has worked in several countries and has presented numerous scientific reports both nationally and internationally. He is competent in open and laparoscopic general surgery and has a special interest in breast and endocrine surgery.


Please see our Doctors' Directory for more information about these areas of medicine and to make an appointment with these doctors through our receptionists. 

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