Let's Get Physical!

12/06/2017 14:08

Who remembers that peppy number by Olivie Newton-John from the 80's?


Studies have repeatedly shown that a lact of phusical activity increases a person's risk for noncommunicable diseases like stroke, diabetes, and cancer.  Today, almost everyone knows somebody who may, has, or is currently suffering from one of these illnesses.  


The World Health Organization provides recommendations for the minimum amounts of activity for all age groups in an attempt to raise awareness about simple ways to lead an overall helthier lifestyle.  


Here are some provided facts about the effect physical activity can have on your health:

1.  Physical activity reduces the risk of disease

2.  Regular physical activity helps to maintain a healthy body

3.  Physical activity is not the same as sport -  this means that simple everyday activities like playing, wakling, doing household chores, gardening, etc. count as physical activity

4.  Moderate and vigorous physical activity, like running, swimming, riding a bike, etc., bring benefits

5.  People between the ages of 5 -17 years old should have at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity

6.  People between the ages of 18 - 64 years old should have at least 150 minutes of moderately intense activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity, each week.

7.  Adults aged 65 and above should do physical activity that enhance their balance to prevent falls

8.   All healthy adults need to be physically active regardless of gender, race, income, etc.

9.  Some physical activity is better than none

10. You're more inclined to be physically active if you are a part of a supportive community, like a cycling group, a group of friends who walk together, etc.


So, make some time in your day to do something physical.  Combine it with family or friend time to make it easier to get started!  Just a little activity can make the difference in your overall health and lifestyle.


Please consult your qualified medical practitioner before you engage in any vigorous activity, especially if you have health concerns.  And as always, ease into you exercises.  These are recommended precautions so that you do not harm yourself in the process of adapting a healthier lifestyle. 


Some resources:

For more detailed information about the importance of physical activity:




For global recommendations on diet, physical activity, and health:




DISCLAIMER:  This blurb simply touches the surface on the information out there about Physical Activity and general health.  This is in no way expected to be an exhaustive resource of information, rather is it one place where you may find items to pique your interest.  The SurgiMed Clinic has tried to provide you with authoritative and reliable resources that merely scratch the surface of this topic.  This in no way replaces a diagonsis by a qualified medical practitioner.

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