Are you a blood donor?

02/06/2016 22:01

How many of us know someone, including ourselves, who has ever been in need of blood donations?  Someone's mom or dad, sister or brother, uncle or aunt, cousin, friend, teacher, etc... Almost everyone we know has a story about a loved one who needed blood. 


To many of us the idea of donating blood is scary, and why wouldn't it be? It involves pricked fingers, needles, and BLOOD!  But donating blood while we are able to is a worthwhile and uplifting practice to do regularly.  For some people, your blood makes the difference between life and death.  You can literally save lives and be a real life super hero to their families and friends!


June 14th, 2016 is the World Health Organization's day for raising awareness and informing the public about donating blood.  The theme this year is "Blood connects us all" with the aim to highlight those who donate regularly and the connection or link that exists between a donor and a patient.  


Did you know...

...that blood can expire?  Blood can only be stored for a limited amount of time and still good enough to be used, as a result, blood banks are always in need of donations to keep fresh, useable, and regular stocks of blood for those who need them.  

...not everyone can donate blood?  There are some who are not able to donate blood even if they wanted to.  Though the age limits vary in different countries, generally blood donations are only recommended between the ages 16 - 65 years old.  Of course, donors must be fit and healthy.  

...donating is safe?  Blood banks strive to make the process of donating safe for everyone involved.  All needles, blood bags, and other instruments used are sterile  and never come in contact with other donors.  These measures are taken to prevent any possibility of the transference of blood borne diseases to donors.

...all blood is tested?  Rigorous testing is done on all donations to ensure that the blood is safe for the patients who need it. need to wait to donate after getting a new piece of body art?

...there is a waiting period between donations?  It is only safe to donate blood every 4 months.


For more information, please visit the WHO webpages on donating blood.


PLEASE NOTE:  This blurb simply touches the surface on the information out there in honour of the World Health Organization's (WHO) World Health Day 2016 - Beat Diabetes.  This is in no way expected to be an exhaustive resource of information, rather is it one place where you may find items to pique your interest.  The SurgiMed Clinic has tried to provide you with authoritative and reliable resources that merely scratch the surface of this topic.  This in no way replaces a diagonis by a qualified medical practitioner.  


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