Physiotherapy Services

Patients must provide a referral from a Medical Doctor to the physiotherapists.


The types of physiotherapy treatments vary and depend on your particular muscular and skeletal conditions.

Types of Physiotherapy treatments and interventions available:



 - Exercises and resistance training

 - Gait Training

 - Cold therapy or cryotherapy

 - Heat therapy

            - Hot packs

            - Paraffin wax bath

            - Therapeutic Ultrasound

            - Diathermy

 - Lumbar (back) traction

 - Cervical (neck) traction

 - Electrotherapy (Electrial muscle stimulation, TENS, etc.)

 - Repetitive strain injuries - Carpal Tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, De Quervains, tendonitis

 - Paediatric physical therapy - Cerebral palsy, juevnile arthritis, torticollis


- POM Exercises

            - Passive range of motion exercises (PROM)

            - Active assisted range of motion excerises (AAROM)

            - Active range of motion excercises (AROM)

 - Soft Tissue Mobilisation

 - Orthopedic conditions - back pain, scoliosis, neck pain, etc.

 - Neurological conditions - stroke, etc.

 - Post operation rehabilitation - Total hip/knee replacement