Clinical Services

Here at Surgi-Med, we have a wide range of specialist consultants who host their private practice with us.  Doctors’ Offices and Receptionists are located on the Ground Floor and 1st Floor of the building.


Please note, all office days and hours are subject to change.  For further information on appointments, contact the appropriate Receptionist.


See Doctors' Directory for extension numbers.


Click any of the below to see information on the respective Specialty and their Doctors.


Cardiology Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dermatology Oncology
Ear/Nose/Throat Specialization Ophthalmology
Gastroenterology Orthopaedic Surgery
General & Vascular Surgery Paediatrics
 General Medicine  Paediatric Surgery
Internal Medicine Psychiatry
Laparoscopic Surgery Urology
Neurology & Neurosurgery  


Are you a medical professional looking for a place to host your private practice? Check here for more details.








Last Updated: 18/11/2020