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COVID-19 Measures at the SurgiMed Clinic

29/03/2020 11:23
From Tuesday we are instituting the following Only one person can accompany each patient. Others will have to wait outside Temperatures of everyone including doctors and employees will be taken outside front door and before entrance throparking garage Everyone visitor entering must sign in...

Welcome Dr. Islam & Dr. Ramkissoon!

06/08/2019 08:56
We are happy to welcom the practices of Dr. Shariful Islam (General, Laparascopic, and Specialized Breast Cancer Surgery) and Dr. Adriam Ramkissoon (Specialise Urology Surgeon) to the Surgi-Med Clinic!   Click the doctor's name above or visit our Doctors' Directory for more...

Welcome New Doctors to the Surgi-Med Clinic!

14/07/2019 22:46
2019 has brought some additions to the Surgi-Med Clinic! We are happy to welcome the practices of the following doctors to our institution.   Dr. Avind Ali - General Practitioner Dr. Satyendra Persaud - Consultant Urologist Dr. Colin Furlonge - Dermatologist Dr. Rakesh Rambally -...

Extension update.

25/10/2018 14:08
Just a short note to let all know that the extension number for Dr. Ronan Ali's office is now ext.410.  

Welcome to our new doctors!

02/05/2018 12:23
Exciting things are happening at The Surgi-med Clinic this month (May 2018)!    In addition to our newly available 120W HOLMIUM Laser for Bloodless Prostate Surgery and Kidney Dusting, we will also like to extend a warm welcome to our two newest specialists here at the...

Announcement: New Services Available

28/04/2018 22:06
As of May 2018, the 120W HOLMIUM Laser for Bloodless Prostate Surgery and Kidney Dusting is available at the Surgi-Med Clinic. 

Happy New Year 2018!

31/12/2017 21:55
The Surgi-Med Clinic wishes you a healthy and happy 2018! Let's start the new year off with positivity and love.    NB: Because of the heavy rains during this season, many of our communities are facing flooding. Below is a republishing of our former blurb with some tips on how we can help...

Hurricane Health and How You Can Help.

11/09/2017 14:27
2017 has brought with it a extraordinary hurricane season with category 4 and 5 storms ripping through the Caribbean. Those of us in the West Indies fortunate not to be directly affected or touched by the storm are still at least 2 degrees away from those who have been. While we can not truly know...

Let's Get Physical!

12/06/2017 14:08
Who remembers that peppy number by Olivie Newton-John from the 80's?   Studies have repeatedly shown that a lact of phusical activity increases a person's risk for noncommunicable diseases like stroke, diabetes, and cancer.  Today, almost everyone knows somebody who may, has, or is...

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

09/09/2016 19:38
What is Alzheimer's disease? Who gets it? How do you know if it is occuring in someone you know? What do you do when faced with Alzheimer's?   Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behaviour.   Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental...
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